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By PC. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Millions of men and women around the world face the problem of loss of hair in minor or major scale, from a fledgling alopecia to a severe and sometimes total baldness, and everyone would like to find the best hair loss treatment, available in the market.

In your search you will find from miraculous, naturally false remedies until safe and proven treatments as a hair transplant. We are cautious and will review some treatments that probably work better.

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men

We will refer only to the medications that probably work better to stop or regrow hair somewhat and that have been approved by FDA and supported by clinical tests.


Trade name of " finasteride " a blocker of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT )that doctors says is primarily responsible for the hair follicle to weaken and fall. It comes in tablet form and should be taken daily, regularly, doses of 1 mg for a long period of time to achieve some result in hair regrowth and especially to prevent hair loss.

It has observed that finasteride in a 5 year period stops hair loss up to 85% and also shows some level of hair regrowth. Some side effects, usually temporary, are reducing sexual appetite and in very few cases severe impotence.

The dermatologist Robert M. Bernstein, is an enthusiast of finasteride and implies his patients with problems of loss of hair at any level.


Trade name of "minoxidil " also approved by the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) is a topical application that should be used twice a day directly onto the scalp. Initially this product was used to control high blood pressure, but later found that those who took to this end stop their hair loss.

Minoxidil is recommended by the American Association of Hair Loss, especially in cases of incipient alopecia, but warns that its results are modest or limited, and must be complemented with other hair treatments. The main side effects are hair re dry and itchy.


Clinically tested and used by millions of men around the world, if I choose the best hair loss treatment for men, one or both are the best, although their results are, in most cases limited, these medications work, but here the bad news:

If you stop using them, your hair falls down and sometimes worst levels that began. So if you start your application, you should use them throughout life.

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Best Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Is there the best hair loss treatment for women ? The answer is uncertain, doctors do not prescribe women easily drugs to stop hair loss or regrowth again . Especially if they are ingested in pill form, because it could alter the entire female hormonal system.


Marketed under the brand name Rogaine has been approved by the FDA for use of women as a topical application to 2% and not 5% as it has been approved for males. Some dermatologists apply to women rogaine 5% but under their direct supervision because they have observed that this concentration is more effective to promote hair growth and stop its fall, especially in cases of diffuse androgenetic alopecia, and the results can be noticed after eight months.


Its trade name is Aldactone and is a diuretic used widely to treat high pressure, swelling and potassium deficiency. In the case of hair, Aldactone acts by blocking the action of androgens avoiding the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), as noted above, originating fall of hair.


This product is marketed under the Targamet brand, is a histamine blocker and is used to treat ulcers of the stomach. It is also a DHT blocker and in women it has given good results in cases of hirsutism and androgenetic alopecia.

Cyproterone Acetate

Used in Europe to control hirsutism  and sexual excesses, in that continent also prescribed to treat in women androgenetic alopecia. Because of its high risk in women's health, United States physicians not prescribe it.

Do you still looking for the best hair loss treatment for men and women? If the products described are not effective for you, try a natural alternative, inexpensive and easy to prepare at home which stops hair fall dramatically in just two weeks. check it NOW.


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